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Sam’s wedding photography career started by accident in 1972. A friend was getting married and could not afford a photographer. Sam shot his first wedding and was pleased with the results, so were the bride and groom.

Sam began receiving requests from others and soon realized he better get some training. He started working for local studios in 1974 and by 1982 was the top wedding portrait specialist at one of the studios.

Sam felt it was time to start his own business and so he broke away in 1984 and started a small studio out of his home. He was amazed that the phone was not ringing off of the wall. Business was slow. He kept at it, always trying to capture emotions and memories in a special way.

By 1988 business was brisk and Sam became one of the wedding photographers people call as soon as they get engaged.

He began using Mamiya Twin lens cameras in the 1970’sand soon moved to Bronicas in the 1980’s.

Early in 2002 Sam began experimenting with digital workflow, taking courses, reading and experimenting. In June of 2004 Sam made the commitment to switch from film to digital.

His wedding business is 100 percent digital now and he is thrilled with the quality and effects that digital capture can provide; And so are his clients.

Sam is not listed in the phone book and only gets new clients by word of mouth and making the clients he has happy.

Sam would rather only concentrate on a few select people who feel comfortable with him than run a wedding factory.

Now Sam is shooting all events and only in Philadelphia and the surrounding suburbs.

Sam is one of the most popular guys and wedding information specialists on a photography forum:

You can always find him there helping others with their equipment and wedding techniques.

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